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Welcome to ForgetMeNot CandleGlass

Unique and Personalized Photo Candle Glass Holders are our specialty!

The BEST Personalized Photo Candle holder you can buy...because you can actually burn candles endlessly without damaging your pictures! 

Enjoy your illuminated pictures by flickering candlelight.  You just have to see them to appreciate their beauty.  Use YOUR pictures to create a very unique and personalized candleglass that will become keepsakes within your family. Perfect for ANY Occasion.

Use YOUR Pictures to Create that Very Unique Gift or Keepsake!

Why not give the very best...ForgetMeNot CandleGlass!

Our CandleGlass is 7-1/2" tall by 3-1/4" diameter, to allow use of standard 3" candles.  

While these Personalized Photo CandleGlass can be used for ANY occasion, by far our Memorial Photo CandleGlass are #1.  Who would not want to re-kindle fond memories of loved ones.  Our Fallen Heroes, Veterans who have given their lives to protect our freedoms, and their families are certainly the most deserving.  I intend to launch a Kickstarer Project to provide a Personalized Photo CandleGlass for each family of the over 6800 Veterans who have died in the most recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I hope you will join me in this effort.  More to come...         (

In the interim, I have decided to support Tim McGraw and the Wounded Warrior Project for wounded and disabled Veterans from these wars. In addition to my monthly pledge,  I will donate 25% of my profits to this worthy cause.  I suggest you visit their website (  and decide for yourself if you too are able to support our Veterans who have given so much and are in need of our help!

Customer Testimonial:

    Just had to write to tell you what a great impression your Photo CandleGlass were as wedding table centerpieces.  The picture quality was outstanding!  Your suggestion to use 2 or 3 variations of the collage candleglass with pictures of my daughter / fiance worked out great, as we did not have to make those difficult decisions as to which pictures to delete.  An unexpected outcome was as people found out that there were different pictures on the candleglass, they roamed the hall looking at each one.  In so doing, they met the other side of the "new" family.  This added greatly to the wedding celebration, as mingling of in-laws is difficult.
    We will be ordering several candleglass with our daughter's wedding picture and invitation as keepsakes.  Can hardly wait to get the pictures back.  Thanks again for making such a wonderful product.

    Gloria & Bob

        The Photo CandleGlass with a wedding picture and invitation makes the perfect keepsake, my personal favorite.  Thanks for such a glowing testimonial.    I'm glad to hear that they had the added benefit of intermingling the in-laws.  The Photo CandleGlass do make outstanding and memorable wedding table centerpieces!

Looking for that unique or special gift.

This is the Place!         Nothing like it.

Remember, our only limitation is YOUR imagination!

Use YOUR pictures / photos to create a very personalized photo candle holder and one-of-a-kind gift or keepsake for all occasions... newborn baby, baby shower, birthdays, weddings, special vacation or hobby, personalized memorial picture candle or just some of your favorite pictures that you want to remember in a special way!

First of all, they are not candles, but rather high quality USA manufactured candleglass. Our competitors say their candles are so beautiful, that you may NOT want to burn them. Why? Because you will degrade or destroy the picture. Our CandleGlass allows you to burn standard candles safely and not your pictures. Burning candles will illuminate your pictures and create a striking image... NOT degrade your pictures... isn't that the point?

Which would you rather receive?

Why not give the BEST!

ForgetMeNot CandleGlass can image YOUR digital pictures on candle glass for ANY Special Occasion... Personalized Memorial Photo Candles, Personalized Wedding Photo Candles, Wedding Candle Photo Centerpieces, Baby Shower Photo Gift, Personalized Photo Candles,  or YOUR favorite pictures to commemorate YOUR Special Occasion.

Imagine the possibilities!

What special Occasion would you like to remember with a Personalized Candle Glass?



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Have a Question?

    E-mail us at:

    OR call: 812-571-3265

ORDER NOW! Share the memories!

This product is meant to be used... over and over again. You do not need to worry about damaging your pictures.

Your pictures will glow from the flickering flame of a single candle. You just have to see these to truly appreciate the beauty.

Use with 3 inch candles or smaller over and over without damaging YOUR pictures.

ORDER NOW! Give a gift that rekindles memories.

Digital quality images... Processed within a few days... Memories to last a lifetime!

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